How to choose your bike

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It’s important to get the right bike for the type of cycling you intend to do. There are all sorts of different bikes, but the most popular type for city commuting and leisure riding is a Hybrid Bike.

Explore your options

Download our ‘Get Cycling’ Guide. It’s packed full of useful features, hints and tips for cycling in and around Bristol – including the pros and cons of the different bike types.

Choose the best type for you

Types of bike vary depending on what kind of surfaces you’ll be cycling on, journey length, whether you’ll be carrying stuff, or taking it on the train. Your local independent bike shop is the best place to start for expert impartial advice.

Set your budget

The more you invest in your bike, the better quality components you’ll buy and the less maintenance it’s likely to need; but it’s worth shopping around as prices and quality do vary.

Need more help?

If you know someone who cycles a lot, they’ll be able to give you good advice based on their experience, or, if you already know what type of bike you want, there are plenty of reviews in cycling magazines and online to help you decide on the make and model.

Buying your bike

It’s best to buy from a cycle shop, as they’ll make sure that your bike is set up correctly before you use it. There are about 50 cycle shops in the Bristol area. The independent shops tend to have wider ranges and are more knowledgeable – many sell second-hand bikes as well as new.

Essential accessories

Don’t forget you’ll need a few accessories, such as a lock and a pump. Find out more on our Clothing & Accessories pages.

Think about storage

You’ll need a safe and secure place to store your bike. Storage can become a real issue if you decide to have a second bike, maybe a cheaper one for commuting and leisure, and another for sport or off-road riding.