Non Collision Incidents

What is this survey about?

Most cyclists have come into an ‘unplanned contact’ with the ground at some point.

Perhaps something goes wrong like slipping, part of the bike not working, losing balance or getting distracted. Normally, these incidents are just minor inconveniences – unpleasant but not serious. But there are a lot of them, and non-collision injuries result in many hospital admissions each year.

We need to find out how they happen.

What we'd like you to do

  • Fill in one form for each non-collision incident you can tell us about
  • Record only non-collision incidents. We are NOT interested if you got hit by something or someone
  • BMXers, stunt riders and mountain bikers: We want to know about those tricks gone wrong! (But not crashing into trees and lampposts thanks - they are 'collisions'.)
  • Please fill in your contact details incase we need to know more about your incident.

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What we already know

The police record many details about collisions involving cyclists. The STATS 19 database is often reviewed to learn how collision injuries might be avoided. But quite often, no-one else is around when non-collision incidents happen and the police are very rarely involved, so we don’t know much about them.

This is the first serious attempt to gather information about non-collision cycling incidents and injuries in the UK that have not been captured by STATS19. 

Why we need your help

You are really important. Your experience is vital in helping make cycling a pleasant and safe experience.

Whether it was just a minor, inconsequential tumble or a serious non-collision incident, we want to know so we can build up a better picture.

If you know someone else who has had a non-collision incident, please send them details of this page. The more responses we get, the more useful our data will be.

What we know so far

Findings from the first batch of results have recently been announced. Find out more details at