Bicycle security

Finding a parking space

The best place to park your bike is using a designated cycle parking stand. However, before you leave your beloved bike it's best to check the following...

  • Does the parking stand has people regularly passing by it?

  • Are CCTV cameras present in the area?

  • Are there people in the area who can provide any surveillance (eg people working in offices or sat in bars and restaurants)

If you do leave your bicycle in a public area, make sure you...

  • lock the frame to the parking stand, rather than any removable parts such as wheels or the seat
  • consider a separate lock if you have any quick-release items 
  • check the item you lock your bike to is robust and securely fixed to the ground
  • don't lock your bicycle to something moveable (eg a temporary sign) or open on one end (eg a bollard) !!

Using a lock

Lots of different types of locks are available and there are many security accessories that will help you reduce your risk. Download and read Spokes to find out where to park your bike and how to lock it.

Avon and Somerset Police Force have endorsed two bicycle security measures:

  • Immobilise allows you to register your property and helps the police to identify stolen property.
  • ImmobiTag, is an easy-to-fit device that's embedded in the bike frame and allows the Police to identify the bike as yours, if recovered by them in the event of theft.
  • Find That Bike, is an online search facility which helps you keep an eye classified websites which may illegally be selling your bike
  • Stolen Bristol Bikes, A local forum for people to seek help finding their stolen bikes. Also worth checking out their Twitter and Facebook pages.

On these websites you'll also find some more tips to keep your bike safe: Avon and Somerset Police, Home Office, and Why Cycle.

Lock rating with Hal Ruzal

Watch these videos of New York mechanic Hal Ruzal in Bristol grading different bike locking. You'll see just how easy it is for your bike to be stolen if it isn't properly secured.


Bike tagging

Avon and Somerset Police hold regular tagging sessions in shopping centres and community hubs in an effort to reduce cycle theft.

For more information and advice visit

If you are offered a stoken bike

Ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Parking at home

Where to keep a bicycle at home is a common issue. This Bike Storage PDF shows several storage solutions.

For more info visit Lifecycle UK or check out this useful blog

Bike parking

How to find cycle parking

To find cycle parking locations in Bristol here is a our Cycle Parking map for the centre.

For bike parking locations in other areas visit our cycle maps page for the four local authorities.

Life Cycle UK

Offer free cycle stands for organisations in Bristol through their Take A Stand promotion. Visit Life Cycle's website to find out how to apply for a stand.

A number of private sector firms also supply and manufacture cycle stands and parking solutions, including: